Sample Report

The Sample Report provided is displayed in order that you can view the form and format of our reporting style.      All reports include an evaluation of all required major systems, their visible condition and a determination of whether, in the inspector's opinion, the system is in need of repair at the time of the inspection.

In an effort to provide our clients with the best report that can be easily read and understood, Eagle Eye Home Inspections, Inc. has chosen to use a format that allows for a:

bulletListing of the system identification
bulletA description of any visible observations
bulletA "prioritized" list of any defects, repair needs or issues and
bulletA description of any limitations to the inspection area/system (required by the NCHILB's STANDARDS OF PRACTICE)

The report is a home previously inspected and is not intended as representative of any single dwelling we have inspected for a client. The front page photo is not an accurate depiction of  the inspected property in order to protect the property rights of our clients.

Eagle Eye Home Inspections, Inc. reserves the right to improve the format depicted in this sample without prior notice.

Sample Report (PDF)

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